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  • Publié : 8 septembre 2010

The array below shows the different topics for the GCSE in Algebra.
For each of these lessons you will find on the webpage BBC-GCSE Bitesize a lesson (Revise), a test, and sometimes an activity.
- Algebra
- Data Handling
- Number
- Shape, space and measures
You will find my shortcuts and hyperlinks to the BBC activities on this pdf file called BBC-GCSE Bitesize. Just click on the blue text with the activity, lesson or test you wish, and you’ll be directly sent to the right page by your web browser.


Algebra Shortcut : A-
Formulas and equations F
Using formulas 1
Changing the subject of a formula Higher 2
Re-arranging symbols 3
Index notation 4
Solving equations 5
Equations with fractions Higher 6
Trial and improvement 7
Simultaneous equations Higher 8
Inequalities I
Symbols, solving inequalities and graphs 1
More than one inequality Higher 2
Graphs G
Basic skills 1
Parallel and perpendicular lines Higher 2
Cubic graphs and graphs of circles Higher 3
Transformations 4
Graphs and proportion 5
Quadratic equations Q
Common factors 1
Factorising quadratic equations 2
Solving and using quadratic equations 3
Sequences S
Recognising sequences 1
Quadratic sequences Higher 2

Documents joints

BBC-GCSE Bitesize, PDF, 120.2 ko
Hyperlinks to the BBC activities.